Our Approach

We know it can be difficult to manage properties with a day job and/or other commitments. At Betkorp we use the economy of scale and expertise to fulfill the needs of each property we agree to manage. We developed systems to increase efficiency without compromising your bottom line or services we agreed to deliver. We have the right staff and partners for the job. It is our mission to maximize your rental revenue and protect your investment through proactive management and maintenance of your property as we aspire to become the property management company of choice in the LSTAR region.

Betkorp was founded by Kris Betkowski, a long time property investor and hands-on property manager. With his background in software engineering and passion for real estate, he developed effective systems for property management. He started by offering his expertise and services to friends and family.

After several years of operating as a part-time property manager and a full-time Director of Software Development for the financial institutions, he finally decided to pursue his passion, surround himself with the right people, launched and grow Betkorp into the company you know today.